"Although human subtlety makes a variety of inventions by different means to the same end, it will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple, or more direct than does nature, because in her inventions nothing is lacking, and nothing is superfluous."
~Leonardo DiVinci

"Appearances" is a "Green Arts Festival", bringing awareness to our community and visitors of the majesty and fragility of our environment, as well as showing the strengths of the naturally occurring energies that can be harnessed - such as wind, sun and water - by creating kinetic artworks, recyclable artworks and works that will be transformed by the elements during the duration of the event, as well as ecocentric works from other artistic disciplines such as painting, photography, poetry, readings, short films and performance art exhibited or performed at sites throughout Provincetown. Outdoor sculpture/installation submissions are strongly encouraged and will be displayed on Provincetown Conservation Trust sites and other settings. Read More...

Images from 2012


What is a Land Trust?

Land trusts are local, state, or regional nonprofit organizations directly involved in protecting land for its natural, recreational, scenic, historical, or productive value. Most land trusts are private, nonprofit corporations. Land trusts are not “trusts” in the legal sense, and may also be called “conservancies,” “foundations,” or any number of other names descriptive of their purpose.

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Volunteer for Our Organization

We need volunteers for these categories:

Land stewardship, construction of newsletters, membership drives, parties/events planning, property clean-ups, grants searching/applications, publicity/press, environmental-plant & animal identification of properties, signage design and planning, school outreach, website development, photography.

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Trusties of the Reservation

TTOR_EmailLogoProvincetown Conservation Trust wants to welcome the trustees of the reservation to our community as the new owners/operators of the Dunes Edge Campground and host of the “sculpture park” for APPEARANCES outdoor sculptures and installations.

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